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It was a dark and stormy night 10 years ago when it happened. We were bored that evening, longing for something to do, when out of nowhere, an ad appeared on Ebay Classifieds. Someone 200 miles away was selling an inflatable party rental business. Being educated young adults, we conducted thorough research about, not only this business, but the entirety of the inflatable industry. We learned many things, but what struck us most was that people were having fun! We continued to conduct research, until finally, we made one of the most important phone calls of our lives.

Three days later, we were moving inflatables across the state of South Carolina. To the untrained eye, it may seem as if we jumped into this business without really knowing what we were getting ourselves into. But those who know us best say otherwise. We struggled the first few weeks due to the fact that we purchased the business right in the middle of the busy season. The learning curve was steep, but we've figured it out.

We started this business with only a hand-full of inflatables, but have since grown to include almost 20 units. We've also added numerous ancillary items, such as tables, chairs, tents, patio heaters, concessions, carnival games, and much much more. But the best part is: we continue to grow, and fast! Our business comes from humble beginnings: we started operating in the garage of our house. Since then, we've moved into a large warehouse facility that has plenty of room to grow!

The best part of this entire story? We love what we're doing!

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